‘Meyer’ Lemon in Bloom

It’s been a LONG while! (About 7 months to be exact). I know, I can’t believe it either. It’s been a long semester, classes just wrapped up and luckily I did really good, my GPA improved and I am taking these next few days to relax before the online summer term happens. Classes still haven’t been announced to be online for fall so fingers crossed, since it’ll be a very loaded semester for me! Honestly, I am just glad I get some time to breathe, focus on the backyard, and stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. You and I have probably seen that word more times in the last few months than there are leaves on a tree. I’ll be honest, I forgot about this website for a good two months, and then I remembered but still, nothing was happening in the garden really. Mid-January I got really obsessed with roses, my local nursery started getting in shipments of Fortuniana grafted roses and the nursery happened to be located on my daily commute, so naturally, I stopped by once a week when I had a long break between classes. Some people probably thought I worked there from how much I visited. Anyway, I ended up with like 9 new rose bushes right before quarantine started (in-detail follow-up post on those will come soon) so I really had a nice end of Winter. Right now, there’s a lot going on in the garden with so much spring growth happening that it’s very exciting! All the good stuff will come after the rose post, I just wanted to catch you up with how it’s been going for now. Oh, and I am getting a Jaboticaba tree soon, so stay tuned! See you soon!


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